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Versatile Ankle and Wrist Cuffs


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We hope you're ready for the most versatile piece of equipment we've ever a new colorway. ;) 

Our Cuffs are specifically designed for you to be able to utilize them as both ankle AND wrist cuffs, as well as handle attachment. Take advantage of the cable machine's stable and constant resistance to optimize your training through this versatile attachment. 


    Use our Cuffs for anything from lateral raises to glute kickbacks. These are designed to be worn as BOTH ankle and wrist cuffs, so that you can utilize the benefits of the cable machines for both upper and lower body.


    We included extra neoprene padding for added comfort and durability.


    Featuring our RAGE colorway, every aspect of these grips' aesthetics was designed to reflect the intensity with which you train.


    Our Cuffs allow you to cinch them as tight as needed on your wrists or ankles due to our sturdy velcro strap.

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    Don't worry, you can still use our cuffs the same way you have always seen cuffs used.

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    But...don't be afraid to experiement. We designed our cuffs with versatility in mind, knowing we intended them to be used for both your upper and lower body. Experience lateral raises, front raises, and countless other upper body cable movements like never before.

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    And more...

    You can even use our cuffs as an extremely comfy cable handle attachment. These truly are one of our most versatile pieces of equipment to date.

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