Buckled Light Weight Glute/Leg Resistance Band
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Our Lime Buckle Band features our lightest resistance level, our innovative buckled design, and an adjustable strap to allow you to change not only the size and fit of your band, but also the resistance. This band is perfect for warming up legs pre-workout, and for the higher volume exercises in your workouts. 


  • Buckle Bands feature, well.... a buckle -  This new and innovate addition to the resistance band eliminates unwanted fatigue and hassle in the gym. No more awkwardly stepping in and out of you bands, no more pulling on your clothes or body hair as you try to shimmy a band up your legs, and no more slowing you down during your supersets. Simply position the band where you'd like, buckle it on, and work out. When you have finished, unbuckle your Buckle Band and keep exercising. 
  • Adjustable strap - Buckle Bands are completely adjustable. This means you can not only change the size of your bands, but also the resistance. Each Buckle Band can allow you to utilize a wide range of resistances based on the size you set it to. Remember to use the included plastic clip to lock your band's size. 
  • Double-lined interior rubber grip - Buckle Bands feature two rubber interior liners to make Buckle Bands anti-slip, meaning they won't twist or turn while on They also serve to lock the band in the buckle, and in the adjustable clip. 
  • Resistance - Our Light (Lime) Buckle Bands feature our lightest resistance. This resistance is closer to the elastic bands you may have used in the past (that always break). Don't worry though, Light Buckle Bands are still made with the same durable material as other Buckle Bands, built to last. 



Simply add three Buckle Bands to your cart and $8.98 OFF will be automatically applied at checkout. We recommend choosing one Buckle Band at each resistance level, but you are free to add any three Bands to your cart to receive the same discount.