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Sturdy Wrist Wrap/Supports


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These were born to help you crush PRs while helping to keep your wrists stable and pain-free. Use them for any push exercise, to help promote the longevity of one of your most important joints. 

    Extra Strong Support

    Our Wrist Wraps are made from an extra strong blend of fabrics and elastane. They are extremely sturdy to help make sure your wrists are supported. We recommend including the bottom part of your hand when wrapping your wrists. 


    Our Stealth Wrist Wraps are one of the longer wraps on the market. More revolutions around your wrist = more stability.


    Featuring our Special edition Stealth black camo colorway and a black-on-black matte logo, every aspect of the aesthetics of these supports were designed with very specific attention to detail. 

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    Extreme Support

    Our Stealth Wrist Wraps are much longer than the average wrist wrap at 24", and also feature an extremely sturdy blend of fabrics. When you combine the amount of revolutions around your wrist you'll be able to get out of these with this sturdy blend of materials, you get unparalleled support as you push towards your goals.

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    Our OG Stealth Colorway is still one of our most popular collections to date. Featuring a dark camo, with a black-on-black logo, the look and design of these wraps is every bit on par with the quality.

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